Together, we can do more.

The rebuilding of the wall that was destroyed in the destruction of Jerusalem was a project that was bigger than one tribe. Nehemiah called on all Israel to participate, and they responded, each tribe bringing their beams, bolts, bars, and doors –Nehemiah chs. 1-3

The Denton Freedom House performs a ministry that few individuals, families or even churches in the North Texas area are in a position to perform. We provide residential rehabilitation to broken men coming out of addiction, incarceration, and broken homes, free of charge. Many of these men come from our own homes and families and churches. Our work has grown to the extent that we can no longer operate without the support of the greater faith community of North Texas. Would you consider partnering with us that we may continue to battle on the front lines of the spiritual war that is claiming the hearts and souls of many of our own? All for less than the price of a latte a day!